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Pyromaniacs Incorperated

Reveiw - Burnout 2: Point of Impact

Platform: PS2, Pyro's Inc Rating: 8.4, Price: $89.95, Publisher: Acclaim

Imagine driving around a city at 200km/h, being involved in the most spectacular crashes known to mankind...sounds like fun doesnt it?! Well this is exactly what u do in burnout 2. Absolutely stunning graphics and matrix crash mode are just two of the things that make this one of the greatest racing games of all time. Others things include crash tournaments, pursuit mode and of course throwing SUV's around a coastal road at 200k's and pushing ur opponent into oncoming semi-trailers. Compared to its prequal burnout 2 is a lot easier to gain boosts, better car handling, the tracks are a lot more realistic and it has a lot better cars. Theres even a cool driving course called offensive driving 101 and single and multiplayer police pursuit modes where you have to hit the opposition whether it may be P2 or the computer 10 times to win. The crash tornaments are awsome aswell and are up to four player which means all your friends can play. Although the timers in Burnout 2 are a lot easier to beat than its prequal they still can be very annoying and unfortunately the crash sensors are fairly poor, u can be flying down the side of a trafic jam in a crash tounament and when u want to hit a veichle head on u may just bounce off the corner of it and fail to crash. Another dissapointing fact is that like Burnout 1 the cars names are just their type and the cars have no resemblance of real life cars with the exception of the sports which slightly resembles the latest Mustang Cobra.
Overall Burnout 2 is an awsome game and although I may sound like I'm being payed by Acclaim, I'd have to say this is a game you should deffinantly go out and buy right now.

burnout2 crash
Looks like fun doesnt it?

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