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Pyromaniacs Incorperated

Rayman Revolution Review

Rayman Revolution is one of the shittiest games on the PS2, 2nd only to Dark Cloud and Theme Park World, but only marginally. The graphics of this game could easily have been achieved on the PSX! The game play is little different from that of "The Great Escape on PSX and PS2. The few added extras don't compensate for all the flaws, and just crap work, in this game.
We'll start with the graphics and sound quality shall we?
Rayman has never been known as a very visually impressive game but with the introduction of the PS2 all the Rayman fans were hoping for something a bit better than this. The graphics are of the same quality as The Great Escape and the only graphical advantage over the original is the 3D characters. The sound isn't as horrible as the rest of the game. The game features some fairly average music but the sound effects utilize the PS2's capabilities. You can really feel the room shaking as the giant "Guardian of Stone and Fire" lumbers though the lava to deliver you to the other side. The characters actually talk, even if its barely audible. The characters talk under their breath all the time though. This can be annoying (especially if your mum decides to vacuum) as you always struggle to hear. Graphics in one word- CRAP Sound in one word- Adequate.
Have you ever thought how much fun it would be to use all your powers to take control of the universe? Well you can't do that in Rayman. The gameplay is the worst thing in the whole game, no matter how bad I bagged the graphics. There is NO difference between Rayman: The Great Escape and Rayman Revolution exept you get to rescue one more type of helpless citizen of the world. The battle system has been altered a little but you also have to use the joysticks as the directional pad is disabled.
Rayman Revolution SHOULD NOT BE ON YOUR CHRISTMAS LIST!!! Pyromaniacs Incorperated does not endorse this product. I.E. there is no BIG PI STAMP OF APPROVAL ON THIS PRODUCT. The gameplay is poor and the graphics are dodgie. The sound quality is average at best. This is not a game to spend $89.95AU on.

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