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Pyromaniacs Incorperated

BURNOUT: The Review

There are few things more satisfying than side swiping your opponent into oncoming traffic and listening to the crunch of their Mini as it had a head-on with a semi.
In Burnout you take control of a selection of vehicles from Super Mini's to Pickups to Buses and drive through the streets of a busy city, swerving among commuters. The players can earn a special boost called "Burn" in three different ways. Coming close to crashes with other cars, by "drifting" around corners or by driving into oncoming traffic for lengths of time. You also lose "burn" by crashing.
This game is up to two player and great for parties. Once you get enough coke in you all you want to do is hear that exhilerating thud of that semi hitting your friend. There are many goals to aim for such as; the biggest crash, worst driver, best driver, best time and the best lap time.
At the beggining you start with three excellent courses and five vehicles, including the Super Mini, Pickup and Muscle. The player can earn new courses and vehicles by completing the championships. This can also unlock new modes such as survivor (1 crash and you lose) and face off (to earn new vehicles).
In the author's opinion this is the best racing game on the market and definately worth your money. The one player and multiplayer sides are both excellent. There is one flaw in the game though. There are time limits to reach check points which can be annoying if you want to smash your opponents (and friends).
-Sheepie Punge

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