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Pyromaniacs Incorperated

Burnout 2 Videos

Crash Videos
It's time to drive into the sun...literally!
Taking sharp turns at high speed can be dangerous...especially if there is an intersection around the bend!!!
Running into tankers can do very bad things to a spinning out of contro into other cars. watch and enjoy!
See how many cars, trucks and buses you cn count in this disaster!
Heres what happenes if you misjudge a corner at 140mph!!! nasty...
Your scouldnt drive this definately drive this fast at should never drive this fast at night when it's raining
This is probably as close as you will come to emulating a pinball machine with a car...
Let's take two high performance cars into the mountains and race them very fast around the narrow roads with very tight curves with cliffs next to them. Any idea what happenes next???
Whydrive around looking for a parking space when you can park right at the front door???

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