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Pyromaniacs Incorperated

Super Smash Bros. Melee- The Review

Have you ever though, that is such a stupid cahacter! I wish I could beat it to a pulp!? Now you can on the Gamecube. Super Smash Brothers Melee stars all of Nintendo's past and present characters in a free for all beat 'em up fighting game!
Melee is the sequel to the extremely popular Super Smash Bros. The player can take control of Mario, Luigi, Kirbi, Smaus, Yoshi and many more including the old Mr. Game & Watch! You fight on a 2D arena with a wide range of moves from Mario Tornado to Homing Missile to Egg Roll with the sole objective of squashing, burning, smashing, smacking and altogether DESTROYING your cute little Nintendo opponent.
Let's look at some of the improvements from the prequel. In melee there are more characters, more moves, more arena's, more modes (including All Star Mode and Home Run Competition), better arena's, graphics, moves and even the ability to dodge out of the 2D arena for a split second.
This may sound like I'm on Nintendo's pay roll but this is a great game. It's even more fun with friends. Laugh at them as you knock them to their doom with your baseball bat or sizzle them in the lava on Brinstar.
BUY THIS GAME. It is definately worth it. Great replay value and many goals to aim for. Superb graphics for the genre and just plain good fun.
-Sheepie Punge

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